Fresh Craft Beers

Upper Arlington

2482nd Daily Growler of Ever

Catawba Island Seiche Scotch Ale
Tasty medium malty Scottish Ale.
7.2% ABV


The 1906th Daily Growler of Ever!!!

Seventh Son Imperial Stout $18/growler
This is Seventh Son first Imperial Stout. It has a richness and thickness that is comparable to the greatest of Russian Imperial, yet a sophistication not seen since the early 1970’s.

German Village/Brewery District

It’s the 824th Daily Growler of Ever!

Dragon’s Milk White Growlers are $17 all day!

Dragon’s Milk White is a nod to New Holland Brewing’s 20 years of barrel-aging expertise and commitment to innovation in the name of flavor. The next legend to unfold in the Dragon’s Milk family, Dragon’s Milk White creates a full flavored, yet lighter stout drinking experience that presents familiar flavors in a completely unexpected way.


Closed Monday and Tuesday

You can still come to the mall.  You just can’t drink at The Daily Growler.