Barley’s Point of Origin

About the Ale: We’ve been wanting to do another Belgian ale for some time now. Our target was a sessionable Belgian golden ale.

Coincidentally, we were approached by one of the many conventions that grace our presence across the street.

Origins Game Fair comes into town once a year; Origins is a regional convention regarding all things board games. They asked if we’d be interested in sponsoring their convention.

After some thought, we agreed and decided that brewing a beer inspired by the fantasy of board games such as Dungeons & Dragons would allow us to get all mystical.

After some thought, we decided that all games (literal and figurative) have to start somewhere. Additionally, Point of Origin is a Dungeon and Dragons reference to the location in space where a spell or magical effect begins.

Hence the name: Point of Origin. It’s also sorta the name of the convention. Cool. Twofer.

Since gold is part of many board games, a golden ale fit perfectly–a reason to brew the Belgian Golden, not that we need a reason.

There is a character in D&D named Raisitlin Majere, the Master of Past and Present. We decided to include the hourglass in our graphics, substituting Golden Ale for sand.

And that’s how we come up with a new beer. Cheers!

ABV: 7.6%