Clawstrophia: Claw Castle 1 Hour Reservation

Clawstrophia: Claw Castle 1 Hour Reservation

1 Hour Exclusive access to the "Claw Castle". Includes 1 case (24) White Claws, tax & gratuity. Please arrive promptly as the reservation is for 1 hour only! GVBD Location. Saturday October 19th.


We’re transforming the back patio + keg shed into White Claw Central for one night only!

You can reserve the “Claw Castle” for 1 hour at a time for you and up to 10 friends. Each hour comes with one case (24) of claws and exclusive access to the Claw Castle for you and your guests.

$100 (plus tax & tip) per hour.

This is a VIP experience unlike any other ever imagined.

Additional Clawttle Service available on-site all night.