Fresh Craft Beers

Upper Arlington

The 3,797th Growler of Ever!

WarPigs – Blinding Light Show
$16.50 Today Only ($2 off 64oz; limit one).
A Luminiferous India Pale Ale brewed with Orange and Lemon Peels. From out of the darkness comes the light. Blinding Light Show IPA wields bold citrus and tropical flavors of illuminating refreshment. All that was hidden shall be revealed.


3,200th Daily Growler of Ever!!

Little Fish Dear Science
TODAY ONLY $19/Growler ($2 OFF, Limit 1)
Hazy I.P.A. mashed with Ohio-grown barley, wheat, and oats. Hopped with Simcoe & Citra in the whirlpool. Fermented with a unique yeast that was gene-edited with a CRISPR-like technology to enzymaticly release bound thiols in malt and hops, thus creating an array of tropical fruit characters. Dry-hopped with Pink Boots Blend & Citra.

German Village/Brewery District

2,031st Daily Growler of Ever!!

Jackie O’s “Off Duty Lifeguard”
TODAY ONLY!! $16/Growler
($2.50 OFF , LIMIT 1)
-Wheat w/ Mango, Guava + Passionfruit-