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Upper Arlington

The 3,680th Growler of Ever!

Ill Mannered – Turbid Reality Experience #8

$18.00 Today Only ($2 off 64oz; limit one).

The latest in our Experimental Hazy series. Turbid Reality Experience No.8 is double dry hopped with Amarillo and Vic Secret hops and a dose of Phantasm Thiol Precursor to add a boost of flavor. A creamy body and smooth drinkability with notes of citrus, passionfruit and guava.


3,082nd Daily Growler of Ever!!!

Land Grant Stiff Arm
TODAY ONLY $14/Growler ($2 OFF, Limit 1)
Like a palm to your jaw, our West Coast IPA delivers a jolt of hoppy goodness. An ale as well rounded as any All-Timer, our Stiff-Arm IPA combines all of its talents: All American hops, fragrant citrus aromas of citrus and pine, and a sense of balance provided by a nice malt backing. It’s a classic American beer that will have you striking the pose year-round.

German Village/Brewery District

1,914th Daily Growler of Ever!!

Hoof Hearted “Cowboy Konkey Dong”
TODAY ONLY!! $22/Growler
($2.00 OFF , LIMIT 1)
-Hazy DIPA-