Fresh Craft Beers

Upper Arlington

The 3,454th Growler of Ever!

Forbidden Root – Sparkling Rose Ale – $20.75
Grapes have been used occasionally in beer since almost the very beginning, so we thought: why wait for an occasion? This dry, crisp Blegian-style ale is tinged with the luscious scent of Niagara grapes, one of the varieties bred from the wild Vitis labrusca grapes native to North America. Their sunny aromatic character punches right through the malt, while a bit of hibiscus adds a blush in color and a hint of crisp tannin on the finish.


2,967th Daily Growler of Ever!!!

GoodWood BBA Stout $22/Growler
This silky American stout has notes of oak, dark roasted malts and, of course, bourbon. Roasted barley produces chocolate and coffee flavors with a lasting vanilla finish.

German Village/Brewery District

The 1,800th Daily Growler of Ever!!

Columbus Brewing Company “Yakima Fresh” -Wet Hop IPA- $18/Growler

American IPA brewed with Centennial, Chinook, and a small amount of Citra.  Freshly picked Ohio grown Nugget hops (from Wisecup Farms, South Salem, OH) were used in a post-boil hopback.

7.5% abv and 80 ibu