120th Daily Growler of 2013

Mendocino Black IPA $10/growler (limit 1 per customer)

Seasonal – Black IPA – This is a particularly perfect spring seasonal India Pale Ale! Our Black IPA takes its taste synergy from all the good that heralds spring. It commences with a totally tantalizingly twist on an utterly unique style. In contrast to spring green hues that are resplendently displayed by nature, this ale sports a seductive ebony hue entwined with an aroma that is bold, full of fresh floral and citrus hops, with a mischievous pinch of pine.

The heady aroma blends delightfully into an IPA made even more enigmatic with its rich roasted malts and devilishly dark chocolately, nutty flavors. And as if that were not enough, your taste buds then perk up to the tang of refreshing orange peel and a citrus hop finish that lightly lingers and mysteriously beckons you to revisit this most enjoyable seasonal ale.

6% ABV