Happy Halloween

301st Daily Growler of 2013

Actual Brewing The Mummy Vol IV $20/growler (limit 1 per customer)

We couldn’t think of better/spookier beer for all hallows eve than this one of kind brew. Actual Brewing’s laboratory worked with the Ohio Historical Society to propagate yeast from the brewing staff of Amunet, a mummy that spent its human life as a brewer. The final product was a sarcophagus sour ale inspired by the flavors of ancient Egypt. Light in color but full of spicy mystery, this beer is similar to that enjoyed by laborers, temple workers, and the average mummy. This nano-batch is the only one of its kind, available exclusively at The Daily Growler.

6% ABV

And if you hate Brendan Fraser and can’t bring yourself to drink a beer called The Mummy, we did just tap our last keg of Southern Tier Pumpking.