834th Daily Growler of Ever

Nowhere In Particular Riveter American Strong Ale $15/growler

At 10.5%, this is certainly a strong ale. It’s brewed by Ohio’s first production gypsy brewer and named after Rosie the Riveter, win,win,win!…Read on for good description:

It’s appropriately named the “Riveter” after Rosie the Riveter who is a cultural icon of the United States, representing the American women who worked in factories during World War II, many of whom produced munitions and war supplies. She was a fictional character featured in a propaganda campaign to encourage middle class women to work outside of their home during WW2. It’s dubbed as a Strong Ale because I wanted to avoid it being labeled as an American Barleywine. Besides, it’s best to keep it vague. Anyway, from reactions from people drinking it, it has been compared to Lagunitas Brown Shugga and Great Divide Old Ruffian. It’s hop forward with a pleasant malt back bone and a slight wheat like mouth feel. It’s hop highlights are Cascade, Columbus, Galaxy, and Amarillo, and it has a unique malt called Caramel Wheat. It’s a Wheat malt that’s is kilned to extenuate caramel character while still providing the body of a big wheat beer, but this is not a wheat beer!