TDG & Jackie O’s Collab Tapping Today! and The 2241st Daily Growler of Ever

John The Elder Hazy IPA
John the Elder, born in 1961 A.D., is a Daily Growler founder, pilot, scholar, historian, traveler, husband & father. John, and his wife, created the original Growler Czar, meaning wolf among the scrubs. Growler Czars, at the time, grew wild among willows, likened to wolves roaming wild in the forest. John the Elder left the information technology world behind for this sudsy passion project that opened in 2012 A.D. He will be immortalized by his son, John the Younger, who will continue his father’s legacy by documenting much of what his father experienced during The Who’s heydey of the late 1970s A.D. This beer is an homage to the man that founded The Daily Growler and excelled and being a father and husband.
ABV: 6.0%