Bookhouse – Whoops! Juicy IPA

Well, we’re done messing around. This here is a representation of the kind of kismet that feels rewarding, yet strangely undeserved. Oh, but we’re talking about beer. Right. So, New England IPA. Made with a massive amount of malted and flaked oats, which lend a silky-smooth, unctuous mouthfeel; a massive amount of nĂ¼-skool American hops that leave impressions of fruit at it’s wettest; and a yeast strain that would otherwise be relegated to the trash heap were it not for it’s ability to transform hop-derived glycosides into the rarest of esters (maybe even something polyol-adjacent – more later). All in all, it has little to do with Freeport, ME, and more to do with that good wet juice that heads are seeking. Fill ‘er up, cap’n.